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5 Easy Ways To Earn Even After Death. #TeamMuslim

=>1) Give a copy of Quran to someone. Each time one reads from it, u gain.
=>2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, u gain.
=>3) Participate in building a Masjid.
=>4) Place water cooler in a public place.
=>5) Plant a tree. U gain whenever a person,animal sits in its shade or eats from it.

How Can I Believe When “Lie” Just Lies In The Centre Of “Believe”,
How Can I Love When There Is”Over” In “Lover”
How Can I Be Friends With Any1 When We Know “End” Is There In “Friend”
How Can I Trust Anyone When There Is “Rust” In”Trust”,
How Can I Live A Life When There Is “If” In “Life”?
ALLAH Has “ALL” In Him,
Therefore, We Should “Trust”, “Love” N “Believe” In Allah